Are You Data-Driven?

Many leaders trust their intuition and ignore data. What should these decision makers do? Find out more here from Harvard Business Review: Become More Data-Driven by Breaking These Bad Habits – Thomas C. Redman – Harvard Business Review.

Spice Up Your Boring Presentations with Prezi

Are your presentations boring? We thought so. A great way to add drama and professionalism to your business presentations is to become familiar with and use Prezi online. Take you power point presentations to a new level of interest with this online utility and productivity tool. Click here: -BRBJ

The #1 Ranked Culture of Quicken Loans

How does the culture of your business compare with that of the #1 ranked company for IT professionals to work at? Here are the “isms” spelled out from Quicken Loans. Fostering innovation and creativity needs guidelines. Here is a good place to start. Following a model is always a good place to start. See the…