About BRBJ

Purpose of Baton Rouge Business Journal

Our purpose is to tell the stories of Baton Rouge Businesses. Each business has its own unique purpose and need it fills in our community. Our publication wants everyone to know what every business does and the benefits enjoyed from having a relationship with them. We also desire to promote business to business connections that create multiplied force. We want the world to know about Baton Rouge Business and want Baton Rouge Business to know about the world.

Free Ad Special:

Be listed for FREE as a friend of the Baton Rouge Business Journal on our Friend Directory Page. Call (225) 773-3350 and leave your business name, business category and Web/Facebook address for inclusion in the directory.

2 thoughts on “About BRBJ

  1. Dear Friends:
    I would like to send you a press release and photo. do you post press releases and photo? do you have a hard print magazine?
    thank you for your help.
    With a smile!
    Jan Davis

    • Jan,

      Thank you for your kind questions. We do not have a hard print magazine. Yes, you may send a press release and photo to kev wool 360 at gmail . com (no spaces and use the at symbol.) My best to you.

      Kevin Woolsey, Editor

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