Deadlines Provide Motivation

What happens when we move back deadlines — once we get past the initial feeling of sweet relief? Research suggests we have a lot of difficulty using our newly-found time wisely. We wind up facing the same problem again — the same time pressure, the same stress, the same feeling-not-quite ready — only now we’ve…

Spice Up Your Boring Presentations with Prezi

Are your presentations boring? We thought so. A great way to add drama and professionalism to your business presentations is to become familiar with and use Prezi online. Take you power point presentations to a new level of interest with this online utility and productivity tool. Click here: -BRBJ

WordPress Essential Training Workshop – 1 Day Website – Event Tickets

Don’t Know the Best Way to Build a Site? Are you stuck trying to figure out the most affordable and manageable way to build the website your business, product or service desperately needs? This is the workshop for you. Learn everything you need to know in a three hour workshop lead by a business professional…

Business Insight from Stephen Key

Find a Expert/Mentor: My father used to say, “Whatever you do in life, find someone who has already done it, get as close as you can, and learn as much as you can.” –Stephen Key, One Simple Idea: Turn Your Dreams into a Licensing Goldmine While Letting Others Do the Work.    

Lorrie Thomas Ross – MarkEDing

Lorrie Thomas Ross – MarkEDing: Marketing’s new connective success strategy – YouTube. Topics & Key Phrases in Presentation: management education internet business finding answers wild web women organizational management recognizable brands marketing world overwhelmed and stressed what is marketing? special offers marketing means relationships sales and marketing verbal and nonverbal information distribution service is the…