Top 10 Greatest Orchestras in the World – CNN iReport

1. Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra(Germany) 2. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra(Austria) 3. New York Philharmonic Orchestra(USA) 4. Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra(Netherlands) 5. London Symphony Orchestra(UK) 6. Dresden Staatskapelle(Germany) 7. Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra(Germany) 8. Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra(Russia) 9. Czech Philharmonic Orchestra(Czech Republic) 10. Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra(Japan) via Top 10 greatest orchestras in the world – CNN iReport.

Do You Really Know Louisiana?

You won’t believe your eyes. What is great about Louisiana? Look no further than this Encyclopedia of Louisiana History. Explore art, architecture, folklife, history, literature and music at the click of your mouse or the swipe of your finger. Louisiana is many things including amazing. Start here: Encyclopedia of Louisiana History, Culture and Community – KnowLA.

Disruption in Video Delivery: Report from Rider Research

This report is a prediction of disruptive technologies that will shape digital media and video delivery in the next 10 years. Produced by Rethink Research* in association with Rider Research, this 63 page report argues that the following six areas will be the key drivers of change for the next ten years: • TV will…