Do You Really Know Louisiana?

You won’t believe your eyes. What is great about Louisiana? Look no further than this Encyclopedia of Louisiana History. Explore art, architecture, folklife, history, literature and music at the click of your mouse or the swipe of your finger. Louisiana is many things including amazing. Start here: Encyclopedia of Louisiana History, Culture and Community – KnowLA.

Cracking the Code of Human Personality

The Nine-Point Personality System (NPS) Take a personality test today. A free resource for professionals on the path to discovering their personality type. Dr. Tina Thomas is credited with  “cracking the code of human personality.” What is your personality anyway? Find out here:  Personality Test

Spice Up Your Boring Presentations with Prezi

Are your presentations boring? We thought so. A great way to add drama and professionalism to your business presentations is to become familiar with and use Prezi online. Take you power point presentations to a new level of interest with this online utility and productivity tool. Click here: -BRBJ