A Branded World: Adventures in Public Relations and the Creation of Superbrands (Quick Read)

Baton Rouge 360

A Branded World
by Michael Levine

Quick Read Summary of Chapter 1:

Branding is everywhere. A brand identity is necessary. What is the key to the concept. Few understand what branding really is. Brand is seen as hype in most people minds. The truth is actually the opposite. The employees have to be able to deliver on the brand on the company they work for. Would you recommend it to a friend? is a key question in branding.

Some things work and others don’t. Branding can be worked out, it is not magic. Best public relation practices are key to marketing success.

Chapter 1

What is branding?

Many self proclaimed experts talk about branding. Many say they get branding. To create a brand is not just getting it. Branding is not just a name that is repeated over and over. Good will and trust has to be established. It is…

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