BINGE ALERT: Hawaii Five-O Added to Netflix, Feb 24

Baton Rouge 360

Great News in My Inbox

It was in my inbox. “Kevin, we added a show you might like.” The first four seasons of Hawaii Five-O, from 2010-2014 were just added to Netflix. Oh, the privileges of belonging to this elite club.

I instantly sent a text to my wife, Donna, “They just added four season of Hawii Five-O to Netflix.” By the time I got home from work this afternoon, she was already watching, from the beginning.

Which Seasons & How Many Episodes?

Season 1 has 24 episodes, Season 2 – 23 episodes, Season 3 – 24 episodes and Season 4 – 22 episodes. How many is that? How much bliss and escape from reality would that total out to be in hours? Almost 100 episodes – lots and lots of hours. Wow! 93 Episodes in all. Such joy!

My family is guilty of binging on other shows like Lost, Psyche…

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