11 Tips to Stand Out When Making Presentations

Baton Rouge 360

Be More Persuasive, Make Great Slides
Summary by Baton Rouge 360, from Nancy Duarte, CEO, Duarte, Inc.

1. Don’t do read-alongs.
2. Stand out and be remembered.
3. Use slides selectively.
4. Shape a conversation first.
5. Think about what you want to say before making slides.
6. Create visuals to support your speech.
7. Create a slide that can be processed in 3 seconds.
8. Storyboard one concept per slide to keep it simple.
9. Sketch out your slides on post it notes before using powerpoint.
10. Slides are VISUAL. Use a diagram, a chart or a photo.
11. Use handouts for lots of text.


Full video at HBR here: http://hbr.org/video/2235534274001/create-slides-people-will-remember

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