LSU Press Books Win Awards

Audrey Ronning Topping’s “China Mission: A Personal History from the Last Imperial Dynasty to the People’s Republic” has won the 2013 PROSE Award in Media and Cultural Studies. Topping’s extraordinary account of her family’s lives and work in China over three generations offers a rare and remarkable look at a time and place that for modern readers is a world long gone. “Concert Life in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans,” John Baron’s exhaustively researched exploration of nineteenth century classical musical culture in New Orleans, received an honorable mention for the PROSE Award for Single Volume Reference in Humanities and Social Sciences.


Sarah E. Owens and Jane E. Mangan’s collection of essays “Women of the Iberian Atlantic” has been named 2013’s Best Collaborative Project by the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women. Described by the judges as possessing “impressive historiographical sophistication,” “Women of the Iberian Atlantic” collects 10 essays that use gender as a touchstone to understand issues of race, class, family, health and religious practices in the Atlantic basin.


The Southeast Region of the National Association of Interpretation has named “Swamper: Letters from a Louisiana Swamp Rabbit,” by Amy Griffin Ouchley, the Outstanding Interpretive Book of 2013. In 12 letters addressed to human friends by a swamp rabbit, “Swamper” educates readers ages 8 to 12 about the interconnected life cycles found in a wetlands habitat, helping them to develop a deeper appreciation for this rich ecosystem.


Attaining the silver medal in poetry for the 2013 Florida Book Awards is David Kirby’s newest collection of poetry, “The Biscuit Joint.” Kirby’s poems traverse seemingly random thoughts so methodically that the journey from beginning to end always proves satisfying and surprising.


Matt Rasmussen’s “Black Aperture” is a finalist for the 26th Annual Minnesota Book Awards for Poetry. Winners will be announced in April at the Minnesota Book Awards Gala. “Black Aperture,” winner of the 2012 Walt Whitman Award of the Academy of American Poets and shortlisted for the National Book Award, explores the tragedy of a brother’s suicide in a collection that blurs the edge between grief and humor.

via LSU Press Books Receive Local and National Honors.

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