Baton Rouge Weather Poem

Raining in Baton Rouge

The droplets land on the pavement
making thousands of tiny splash explosions.
The carved parking lot
slopes toward the drain
so gravity can do it’s trick,
sucking every molecule down
Into the maze of underground waterways.
The lightning flashes,
like angels taking pictures in the sky.
The glow of the lights in the store
make it look warm inside.
The curb is cracked
and a chunk is broken off
like a cookie in a child’s hand.
The grass blades are taking their showers
raising their blade-heads toward the sky,
allowing the dust to fall off their bodies.
Like a giant sprinkler system,
the clouds attack the whole city at once.
Then everything is clean
Apparently soap is not necessary.

by Kevin Woolsey, April 25, 2006.

Raining in Baton Rouge Weather Poem Art by Kevin Woolsey

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