“Edges: Analog + Digital Fabrication” Exhibit at Middleton Library Dec. 8-13

BATON ROUGE – The work of fourth- and fifth-year LSU School of Architecture students in Visiting Assistant Professor Shelby Elizabeth Doyle’s course, “Edges: Analog and Digital Fabrication,” will be on display at the Middleton Library Lobby Dec. 8-13. The exhibit will open on Sunday, Dec. 8, from 5-7 p.m.


Students in Doyle’s course explored the translation of digital models into physical models through analog – wood shop and hand craft – and digital fabrication tools such as laser cutting, 2D/3D CNC milling, 3D Scanning, and 3D printing. Weekly project-based assignments focused on the process and production techniques for designing with each set of tools—software and hardware. Students were expected to develop an understanding of best practices for each set of tools and to explore the limits of the tools. Particular attention was paid to the feedback provided by the translation from a “perfect” digital model into a physical model, both analog and/or digital, with the requisite tolerances between materials and techniques.


The projects were supported by the generosity of the LSU and Baton Rouge community, with special thanks to Mark Shumake, Design Shop manager; Paul Callahan, Design Shop staff; Christopher Hentz, professor of art; Stan Holt of Holt Control Systems, Inc.; Vincent Cellucci, College of Art & Design Communications across the Curriculum, or CxC, studio coordinator and staff; College of Engineering CxC staff; Marty Miller, art and design specialist at Middleton Library; Mark Martin, processing archivist at Hill Memorial Library; Don Colvin, Engineering Machine Shop manager; College of Art & Design Technology Committee members; and Middleton Library for providing the space to make the exhibition possible.

via LSU Architecture Students Present “Edges: Analog + Digital Fabrication” Exhibit at Middleton Library Dec. 8-13.

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