Remembering Paul Dietzel (1924-2013)

Paul Dietzel (Sept. 5, 1924 – Sept. 24, 2013)

Kevin Woolsey, Editor of BRBJ had the privilege of meeting coach Paul Dietzel on lucky day.

When Paul Dietzel, the coach of the LSU Tiger’s football championship team , moved back to live in Baton Rouge several years ago, one of the local television news programs ran a story on him and his paintings at his home.

Because of this story, I was able to recognize Mr. Dietzel when I saw him in line behind me at the post office one morning in Baton Rouge. I turned around to introduce myself to him and told him I saw the story they ran on him on TV. He was very kind, smiled and shook my hand. I told him something to the effect that I was pleased to meet him. I also told him that I hoped to see his paintings some day. My recollection of him was that he was very relaxed and had extremely good manners. It was my good fortune on that day waiting in line to have met the coach of the only undefeated LSU football team in history and, I am certain, so much more of a man than we can earthly know.

-Kevin Woolsey, September 25, 2013.

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