Disruption in Video Delivery: Report from Rider Research

Disruption in Video Delivery Technology Report from Rider Research

This report is a prediction of disruptive technologies that will shape digital media and video delivery in the next 10 years.

Produced by Rethink Research* in association with Rider Research, this 63 page report argues that the following six areas will be the key drivers of change for the next ten years:

• TV will shift from free to air radio to over the internet streaming OTT (from wireless to wired);

• Cellular offload will make WiFi the leading wireless network (from fixed line to wireless);

• Some 75% of TV viewing will shift to tablets, savaging TV sales forever (from a non-smart shared device to a smart personal wireless device);

• Mass social viewing platforms will lead major motion picture releases (from a physical location shared experience to an online WiFi and cellular driven experience);

• TV Channel unbundling will see the death of 75% of TV channels (more content available OTT over WiFi and cellular driving this change);

• TV Everywhere will become the largest App on the planet (from fixed line to wireless delivery.)

via The “Faultline Revisited – Disruption in Video Delivery from 2013 to 2023” report.

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