Improving Skills on the Front Line of Business is Achievable

Improving Skills on the Front Line of Business is Achievable with a Diploma in Customer Service has today announced the launch of a free online course,Diploma in Customer Service, for anyone working in the front line of customer services, from retail staff and call center operatives to business and hospitality managers.
Providing excellent customer service is essential to the long-term viability of every business. This free online Diploma course introduces the fundamental elements of customer service and explains how they can be applied in any organization.
For any business to survive, it needs to develop its customer service strategy to the highest level. The Diploma in Customer Service course details the role of customer service in the hospitality industry, the retail industry and the public sector, setting out the elements of customer service that should be focused on in each of these sectors. This course is ideal for business managers, business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to learn how to implement an effective customer service program in their organization. It will also be of interest to retail staff, hospitality workers and public servants who want to become more proficient at providing efficient and friendly customer service.
Commenting on the launch of this latest course, ALISON’s Publishing Manager, Suzanne Cahill, stated that, “Good customer service is the life blood of any business; it’s about keeping the customer happy and bringing them back to your business time and time again. ALISON’s free online Diploma course provides learners with the key skills for delivering effective customer service, equipping them with the tools and techniques to improve their business’s relationship with the customer.”
The Diploma in Customer Services, through, is an equivalent standard to FETAC Level 5 and QCF (UK) Level 3.

ALISON STANDS FOR “ADVANCE LEARNING INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS ONLINE” is revolutionising global education and training through the provision of free interactive multimedia basic education and workplace skills training courses with certification online. With two million registered learners worldwide, courses on ALISON are freely available from well-known multinational organisations to individual subject-matter-experts. Irish-based ALISON was founded in 2007 as a for-profit social enterprise.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT ALISON “The first MOOC” “As a pioneer in free online learning, we can learn from ALISON in more ways than one”
 New York Times “A creative model of open education for a global economy”
 Newsday “A powerful program that is unlocking new worlds of opportunity for people around the globe” 
 Wired Academic “A key figure in the open source learning world”
 EIN News “ALISON wins USA Workforce Training Award”
 DUIS: UK GOVT “ALISON opens up the world of knowledge offering new, flexible, and exciting ways to learn”

Press Releases: Improving Skills on the Front Line of Business is Achievable with a Diploma in Customer Service.

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