Jindal Supports Manning Passing Academy

THIBODEAUX – Today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced a $1.2 million investment to revitalize 25 playing fields at Nicholls State University that are utilized by the Manning Passing Academy, a football camp hosted by Archie, Peyton, Cooper and Eli Manning. The revitalization project will provide new drainage systems to improve the fields and make them safer for the camp’s attendees and Nicholls students. The investment will help keep the Manning Passing Academy—which, according to the South Louisiana Economic Council, has an annual economic impact in the region of more than $1.8 million—at Nicholls for the long-term.

Governor Jindal said, “In Louisiana, we love our football, and the camps hosted by the Manning Passing Academy are a great experience for everyone involved. The kids who attend these camps will learn quarterback mechanics and other offensive position skills from three of the greatest passers to ever play the game, as well as skills from 80 or so talented assistants and coaches. Indeed, the skills these kids learn will help them grow both on and off the field. That’s why we’re supporting $1.2 million to improve and revitalize 25 fields for our young people and for students at Nicholls.”

via Gov. Jindal Supports $1.2 Million Investment to Revitalize Nicholls State University Athletic Fields, Keep Manning Passing Academy at Nicholls for Long-Term – Governor Bobby Jindal | State of Louisiana.

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