Lorrie Thomas Ross – MarkEDing

Lorrie Thomas Ross – MarkEDing: Marketing’s new connective success strategy – YouTube.

Topics & Key Phrases in Presentation:

management education

internet business

finding answers

wild web women

organizational management

recognizable brands

marketing world

overwhelmed and stressed

what is marketing?

special offers

marketing means relationships

sales and marketing

verbal and nonverbal

information distribution

service is the most overlooked piece of the puzzle

take care of our people

four keys of marketing

how do we connect with our customers?

dream team

we simply communicate

it’s not just about price

why we are doing what we are doing

great user experience

branding is not just for big business

web page architecture

having a professional photo

navigate stressful waters

press release

the power of the people


keep linkedin descriptive

dynamic content filtering

use imagery

multitasking marketing

touch points

facebook, twitter and blogs

hierarchy of needs

healthy marketing

one on one contact

meaningful advertising

critical thinking

what we know and who we know

online reviews

peer to peer marketing

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