Sub-Committee Looks at Career Services, Graduation Rates

BATON ROUGE – The third meeting of the Student Experience Sub-Committee of LSU’s Transition Advisory Team took place on Wednesday, April 3, at the LSU Energy, Coast and Environment Building. The meeting, which focused on career services and graduation rates, was streamed live for those who could not attend and meeting archives are available at
The sub-committee is chaired by Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honore’ and Carroll Suggs, who both welcomed the members of the team and, along with Christel Slaughter of SSA Consultants, provided an update since their last meeting.
Honore’ told the group that the work of the Student Experience Sub-Committee can make an immediate impact on the future of the university by increasing students numbers, graduation rate and student fulfillment. He said it is a “self-fulfilling prophecy if we make it work right,” and the goal is to provide resources that help students to come into the university happy, leave the university happy and ultimately become successful and give back after their positive experience at the university.
The sub-committee heard a presentation from Mary Feduccia, director of Career Services for LSU, who provided an overview of the services offered by LSU Career Services. These services include career decision-making, improving marketability, experiential education services and employment services.
Feduccia said that she’s excited about “One LSU” and the opportunity to work with other campuses and share resources.
Feduccia provided an overview of the challenges she sees in the employment market. These include job availability, especially in Louisiana; the willingness to move; and students having inadequate job search skills.
“So many of our students are from Louisiana and would like to stay in Louisiana if they can find competitive jobs,” she said.
In the near future, LSU Career Services will be moving into their new location, the LSU Olinde Career Center, in the LSU Student Union. This new career center will be a more visible location for LSU Career Services and will be an important stop for parents and prospective students visiting campus.

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