Tips for vehicle crime prevention

Commissioner Donelon and LATIFPA are offering motorists the following additional tips for vehicle crime prevention:

  • Remove your keys from the ignition upon leaving the vehicle and never leave your car’s engine running unattended, not even in your driveway or for a quick errand.
  • Close your windows completely.
  • Park in well-lit lots and garages that have security and/or parking lot attendants. Avoid parking near dumpsters, large vans or trucks, woods, or anything else that limits your visibility.
  • Never hide a second set of keys anywhere on your car. Thieves know where all of the “hiding places” are.
  • Don’t park in the farthest corner of the lot, but rather near the entrance of a facility to insure the most foot traffic and the most potential witnesses.
  • Park with the wheels turned toward the curb, even when parking in driveways and parking lots. This makes your vehicle difficult to tow.

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